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The Principle

The Principle

The principle: 

When you understand the game you dont panik 


Mastery Stacking:

So many people make the mistake of thinking about reading. They think that watching is learning, but the reality? The purpose of learning is not knowing.

Mastery is the ability to execute effortlessly without the use of conscious resources. We develop mastery through repetition, and so we do something poorly. We can do it even better, and we keep on going. Never let it rest until it is better. And once you put down where you can do it without the use of conscious resources, then you take the next logical step. You master that step, and so we take a series of things. We stack on top of mastery, which makes us look like we have superpowers because what most people do is stack on top of a lack of clarity, experience overwhelm, and the whole thing crumbles to the floor.

Mastery and Mastery stacking will change your life 


Original dimension

Howard Thurman once said that a mind stretched by a new idea cannot return to its original dimension. Dont ask for the world needs, ask for what makes you come alive go and do it because what the world needs are those that has come alive.

They need you to be you. It's genuinely unique how a single thought can have such an impact on our perspective. Instead of asking what the world needs, we should ask what makes us come alive. When we live our purpose, we can give our gifts to the world 100%. As we transform our lives, we inspire others to do the same.


Intensional Football 


The art of practice 

God will sell you all things at the price of labor. If you want to be successful, you'll have to pay the price, and it won't be cheap. It'll be tireless nights, long days, empty bank accounts, depressing thoughts, isolation, and much pain. But on the other side of pain is success. And if you understand that and have that as the beacon at the forefront of your life, the journey becomes more enjoyable. Because you understand, then in due time, you will sew, and in due time, you will reap.

Be willing to fail like succesful people. Most people want to be as succesfull as me, Messi or Neymar, not knowing often times we have to work intensively look hours of frustrating hours privately for the things we get rewarded for in the public. extreme people get extreme result. Dont look at somebody's year 10 and compare with your year 1. 


Fullest potential 


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