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How it all started

How it all started

About probably 10 to 12 years ago I would consider myself a Non Traditional football player, meaning that pretty much everything I was taught in the world of football I did not believe - as to how to become a world class dribbler.

I did not believed anything I was taught without much question besides listening to my brother because we saw self sabortage and misunderstanding there was regarding talent and specifically around dribblers in Denmark.

Through the process of the years at Fc. Midtjylland academy and after at the first team in Fc. Midtjylland, I slowly started to put on a significant amount of weight and pain started to accur.

Prior to that before I was a slim athlete with a freedom to move where-ever I wanted because I had a body that allowed me to without restrictions. Just effortless moving, dribbling everyone that came by with confident and ease - but I couldn't figure out what was doing on with me. Remember was 17 as that time. 

I went to the so called best primary care doctors, physical coaches, physiotherapist nutritionist and said look I need to do something about this. I need help. I have a problem and if I do not stop it, its going to get worse. I kind of new the application of what was going on and that i was a matter of time I would me depended on drugs to be able to play. But the thing about me is that I hate to be depended on anyone. It comes in the way I play my football and what my brother told me since I was young..

The so called primary experts told me gave me the conventional wisdom advice you might heard before. The doctore told me, that is not that bad and offered be pills, the physical coach told med that I was to weak and needed to strengthen the body via Gym exercises and last the nutritionist told me to eat 8 times a day with slack in between -  High in protein, charborhadrates and fats. 

They basically told me to do more Gym exercise and eat more protein and you'll do fine. With that advice I gained 10kg and pain turned into chronic fatigue and later on groin/puppies. I became i injured for almost 6 month after jumping from doctor doctor for months. 

One doctor finally offered me an operation in Germany. Again I am a man of skeptic and do not prefer to have anything artificial to interfere with my health being, but at this point, what els can I honestly do. The doctore told me I would have to recover in 2 weeks and after slowly rebuilding myself up again.

I accepted the opperation with begging that this is the solution to my problems. 

10.000€. Thats the price to the oppuration with one of the leading doctors in the field groin/pupis injuries. 

Came back to Denmark few days after the oppratiion in Germnay. The amount of pain I had do to the operation was unbeliveable. I was just crying for almost all 2 weeks. I cant describe with words the level of pain I had. At  that moment I told myself that I would never become i injured again. I promise that I would never put myself in this situation again! I was willing to go to war if that is what I have to do!


2 weeks went by. I came back on the 

injury so that's fundamentally when I started to realize look there's this really smart guy out there Einstein who said if you keep doing the same **** over and over again and expect a different result it's insanity and I started to look actually pretty critically at my own patients in the clinic and I started to notice there was a tie between me and them with my issue and their issue so I happened to be invited to a spine meeting in around 2005 in Birmingham AL design some minimally invasive spine instruments and I was going there to talk to about 50 doctors you know and their families you know one of these fancy fancy doctor deals and when I was there I was due to stand up as soon as I stood up I felt the horrible pain in my right knee and I didn't know what was wrong with me and I actually had to help getting to the podium gave the talk could barely get back to the room and felt so bad that I actually got my car and drove back to Nashville and the most embarrassing part of the story I don't think I've ever told anybody this was I was in a sports car convertible I had to call one of my buddies at a Starbucks between Birmingham and Nashville to come help me get out of the car so I go to take a miss and my knee at this time was like the size of a bowling ball so at the meeting before I left one of the orthopedic surgeons wives who used to work for biotechnology company in California told me she goes look I think I know what's wrong with you I'm going to send you a couple of papers and a book and I want you to kind of read them in this order and she goes I think you'll be able to figure this out well cutting through all the long part of the story she worked for a company named Amgen and Amgen at the time had just suspended their leptin trials and I didn't find any of this out until much later but I read the papers in the order she told me and then I read the book and when I was reading the book I had this like come to Jesus moment where I was like is what's in this book actually possible is that what she's trying to tell me turns out that's not what she was trying to tell me she was trying to tell me something different but that's not how I took it what was it what was it Bob the book the book the name of the book was the monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma and it's a pretty old book you guys can probably pull it from an old bookstore for probably less than a penny but the story in the book was of a really rich Jewish lawyer who's a complete ******* basically having a heart attack in the middle of the courtroom and with that he decided to change his life he quit he went to the Himalayan mountains and when he came back three years later he was tan £100 less and he wasn't an ******* anymore and that's the gist of the story if you don't want to buy the book and his name is Julian battle so when I got through the whole book and I started looking at the papers I saw some pretty amazing ties so while this was all going on I took a trip with my family to Europe and one of the things on my bucket list at that time around 05/06 was going to see michelangelo's David and when I was standing there everything kind of connected what you all the things in the book the things in the paper I started to realize OK this is it and the key for me was light it was actually about circadian biology and I realized that food wasn't really the most important thing and I started the job a lot of these ideas turns out right after I saw this statue and did all these things with my family we were flying back on delta on a 14 hour flight home so literally I wrote all these ideas down on the napkins that delta hackers they had no paper and those napkins eventually became the quote document that's actually on my website if you go read it and the organization of the court document really is based around where I did my residency and one of my wife's friends based around New Orleans and it's called 30 different levees and for any of you know if you're a Led Zeppelin fan you'll know that a levee protects an area of land so these levees are really important and this was a time when Katrina had just you know happened in in New Orleans so I decided to use the 30 main levees of how to protect itself and I just posted my ideas out there and there was this really unusual guy that was on a website at the time who was a food guru website that I I haven't been to in a long time but he was a real nice guy an old guy and I decided to share with him the document and he looked at it and he goes dude this is like way way different than anything I've ever seen he goes I don't know if people are going to get it he goes but I think you should post it and at the same time with me back in Nashville I came up with the first two prescriptions from all these ideas the first one was called the leptin prescription the other one was called the cold dermogenesis protocol and I used both of those on me realized remember at the time I was still conventional wisdom that I didn't think this was going to work so you know I want to be clear for people listening to I mean you're a neurosurgeon A literal brain I'm a brain surgeon that's what I do well that that's awesome my daughter told me last night that's exactly what she wants to do when she grows up you need to talk her out of it OK I can use you to do that then my my bank account thank you so I mean the struggles even are real you know doctor Moore ortman came on to a stress guy and he talked about his his trials through you know becoming a doctor etcetera and his stress and anxiety levels and what you deal with he talked about the hectic schedule etcetera and all of this so even knowing with that that wasn't the problem no see that that's what most people blame it on they blame it on the stress but what we don't realize the number one stressor in all of our lives is light stress see we are creatures of light and circadian biology is controlled by light and the real problem with my job that got me sick was being up at night destroying my melatonin with the use of blue light through my phone to the hospital the computer excuse me vitamin D plays into all that role too right I mean well vitamin D plays in that room because you can't make it when you're inside you know especially working during the day but the real big issue was the blue light how it affected the growth of metabolism pathways through the eye that's actually where the idea originally came from so like I said I made this these two prescriptions out never believing either one of them myself because you know as a scientist I'm a skeptic so I did them by myself and in three months I lost 77 lbs and 11 months I lost 131 lbs and I'm distinctly remember back then my wife watching me in the shower doing the things I was doing and she's like this is like incredible you know I was losing weight at an astounding rate and to freak you out even further I was eating more than I did when I was fat I was just eating different things and doing it at different times of the day and not not doing any snacking at all and when it worked a lot of my colleagues in the hospital are kind of shocked because you know all of them came out to me and said dude did you have surgery or something to lose the weight this fast and I had a couple of really good friends one specifically gastroenterologist and I told him kind of the story I'm telling you right now and he says look I'm going to start sending you some patients who want neurosurgical in in basis and because I want to see what you can do with them and I I remember the first one he sent to me somebody that had a a eosinophilic esophagitis this was a disease I didn't even hear of OK at that time and within six weeks the patient went back and she was better you know to him and Don stopped me and the surgeon's loud so he goes look 'cause I'm gonna keep sending you different things if these people keep getting better you're gonna you you need to put this information on the Internet that's when I ran into Dexter at this other food website and Dexter he didn't think people would get it but he said I think you need to put this out there he goes because this is totally different than what anybody's talking about and and then people on the Internet when I started to put my information out there they started to apply it and they started to get better so you know ultimately when I think back you know because this is a long time ago now What a doctor fundamentally is doctors or teachers and and we've gotten away from that medicine and when you realize as a surgeon that you don't have to put your hands on really help them that you can actually help them by sharing ideas it became a very powerful thing to me and the thing that was really ironic is my son at the time was in high school he was in a private high school in Tennessee and he came home after I had lost my 77 lbs in may you know he's out for the summer and he looks at me he goes dad what the hell did you do and we were at Disney World at the time and my other nephew who who was there who struggled in his life he was 21 years old flunked out of college you know just a bad scene and so I started telling him and Kyle the story about what I did and my son said to me very classically he said that give me give me a rundown of what I need to do 'cause I wanna try this and at the time my son was 15 he was a 257 lbs and the reason I know that is because I made him go to winn-dixie in Orlando and get on a meat scale to to see how heavy he was and Kyle did the same thing he was 267 and he's much shorter than my son and they sat there while everybody else went to the amusement park and listened to what I told them and they both said OK we're going to do it so shorten the story further Connor went back to school and I think 6 1/2 weeks he was 57 lbs down and Kyle in one year lost 100 lbs and he actually wound up signing up to become a Navy SEAL he's actually still in the military it is this a decade ago so and you know Kyle was 21 and Connor was 15 my son now you know is is 25 years old and he's an engineer and the reason he's an engineer you'll appreciate this he wanted to be a neurosurgeon and I told him absolutely no freaking way I said but the one thing that you can help people the most is to begin to learn what your dad has found about the physics of organisms so that you can begin to build things that actually can help us is that we're able to talk over the Internet using this Google Hangouts but see when I look at you I feel bad for you with all that stuff that you have around you right now that stuff's killing you and you don't know it and that's part of the reason why people don't understand that the things that we call progressive in nature today and specifically technology they don't realize that it opens the door to bad things inside cells because it affects the way energy flows in cells and that's fundamentally really what I teach people I teach people the nitty gritty details of actually how it happens and it's easier for me today than it was 10 years ago because now there's been books printed that have taken Jack cruz's beliefs because you know 10 years ago your podcast listeners probably would have thought I was batshit crazy like some of the people in the ancestral health community and the food growing network because a lot of things that I found that I believe they don't believe they can't fathom that it's true and The thing is now these books have been published and all the things that I made predictions on have now been starting to come through in fact one of the predictions I made to my members 4 1/2 years ago I did a webinar about topologic insulators you know that the Nobel Prize this year was given for topological insulators and the really cool part in the Nobel Prize for medicine was given for epigenetics well guess what controls epigenetics light and topological insulators and this tells you what the fundamental problem with scientists today here we have physics given it for TI's and medicine given it for epigenetics and neither know that they're connected and that's the problem and I always tell people I'm not a discoverer of anything I'm an I'm an innovator because I take things that we know and connect them together so that you begin to understand they make sense and when you alter your environment I can teach you how to improve energy flow within your cells and when you do that magically things that have been I guess tripping you up start to get better and you start to go hmm this is kind of interesting and that's fundamentally really what I do I assume this

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