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Messi showcasing Internal tensegrity. The spine is the center, the zero point or balance. It is interconnected to the chakra system from the pelvis up to the brain. But this Connection can only be achieved by the understanding of the feet and How the feet uses fascia tension to absorbing   the shock Waves Messi is omits the feet to - the energy control from the feet is What determent How well Messi is able to use bending of the spine as Kinetic energy properly  him forward in a spiral movement 


Lionel Messi, the renowned footballer, embodies the concept of internal tensegrity through his incredible agility and control on the pitch. The spine acts as the core, the center of gravity that maintains balance and stability. Messi's impeccable footwork demonstrates a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the body. He effortlessly utilizes the fascia tension in his feet, skillfully absorbing the shockwaves and redistributing energy throughout his entire system. This intricate connection, stretching from his pelvis up to his brain, allows for dynamic movements and fluidity. Messi's exceptional mastery of energy control through his feet determines his ability to harness the bending of his spine, resulting in a magnificent display of proper kinetic energy utilization propelling him forward in a graceful, spiraling motion.

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