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Newborn Athlete 🌡

Newborn Athlete 🌡


This is me at Celta Vigo together with Juan Carlos Unzué. Former Goalkeeper for Fc Barcelona, became assistent coach under Luis Enrique. Later became Headcoach for Celta De Vigo.

I know. It kind of sound a little too crazy, but please bear with me.

“ Asking the right questions is key to finding the right answers “

Have you ever notice, that the best playing footballers or athletes comes from small town or small clubs? Have you ever notice that the best athletes in football where somehow brought up in the streets? You ever notice that the most “talentet” footballers either they or their ancestors comes from poor environment?

Think about it for a minute.

But how? Who tought them?

Football Is Organised chaos

Football is very simple. To teams. Two goals. One ball. Put the ball into the other teams goal. Now everyting that happens in between the two goals is quite chaotic. In other words. Football is organised chaos.

How do you prepere someone to be in chaos. The unkown. The unexspected. All the different veribels that the game we call football contains. Infinit verybals. How do you prepere someone to responds to that?

How do you navigate through that?

Playing is our best teacher

Nature gave us all this amazing vessel we call the human body. A technology beyond everything we can imaging. Designet to deal with Cardio, agility, long duration, high intensity, speed, even sickness, emotionel stress, mental stress. All build onto the vessel we call the human.

“ nature is the key To unluck the human POtential “

They where delevoped in the streets. Raised in the street. Playing in the streets. The streets tought them how to play. How to respond. How to navigate in chaos.

The game itself was their best teacher!

Lets leave it here for a second and move on…



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